Hello! My name is Tina Baker and I am a Life and Business Strategist. Not long after I left my 25 year
corporate sales job, I entered the coaching program at Erickson College. I have completed the Art
and Science of Solution Focused Coaching Program and am a member of the ICF(International
Coaching Federation).

Do you measure your worthiness by the amount of your paycheck?
Does a manager, spouse,or parent treat you as if you can never do enough? Be enough? Or have

Enough is Enough!

When you think about your life, your dreams and goals, do feelings of guilt fear and self judgment
come up?

It all starts with a deep spiritual longing! Deep within my soul I absolutely knew that my corporate job
I thought was the answer to my prayers was NOT working for me! I started to hear a small voice
telling me it was no longer a good fit for my life and soul.

What do you have to take to keep up with the job, lifestyle, bills, chores etc.?

Have you outlived the corporate job? What is un-lived in your life?

What is that costing you in regards to your health, relationships and finances?

For me, my health and happiness definitely went haywire, until I took the time to hear the promptings of God!
God helped me to see that there was something else He wanted me to do. He gave me the raging
realization I was not in control….He was! I finally saw that no job, no amount of money, no amount of
stuff was worth the toll it was taking on me both physically and spiritually. I needed to reconnect my
mind, body and soul to the path God wanted me to take.

My mission is to stand along side of my clients to help them embrace who they are: the whole..mind,
body and soul! I help my clients recognize and cultivate their unique gifts. We develop strategies for a
purpose- filled life, based on the milestones they want to see in their lifetime.

Are you willing to start the journey and process of seeking the peace, freedom and joy you deserve?
I offer a level of specific support and accountability that will help you for years to come. Can you give
yourself permission to seek support in the following areas:

Private Coaching
Group Workshops Webinars
Putting Yourself First: Excellent Self Care
Selling With Soul
Hearing the Voice God

Let’s Chat!

I’d like to invite you to a deeper Conversation: I am offering a complimentary Strategy Session! Just
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